Friday, January 17, 2014

HITS & MISSES | with MakeupGeekTV

I love both of these gurus they are honest and know there stuff....check out there like and dislikes video

Monday, January 6, 2014

Healthy snacks.

Hey everyone how are you? I hope well. Well it's a new year and time to eat a bit healthier this year and why not have fun while we are at it...My wonderful friend Mandy Cole wants to share some of her yummy and healthy receipts she doesn't have a blog but asked me if I would be willing to help share them on mine I and said of course. so lets start with this first one which is fun and pretty healthy....

Chocolate covered banana peanut butter sticks.
you can use any type of chocolate chips that you can melt over the stove or in a microwave
peanut butter any type you please.

Step one Cut your bananas in to slices

Step two take on banana slices and put peanut butter on it

Step three take another piece of banana and place on top of  banana covered with peanut butter

Step four put a toothpick down the center of each peanut butter banana sandwich

set aside on baking sheet covered with parch paper or plastic wrap

 Step five melt the chocolate on the stove make sure you use a none stick pot and melt the chocolate on low making sure to stir pretty often to make sure that the chocolate doesn't melt.

Once melted and it smooth and creamy take your banana sandwiches and dip them one and a time into the  chocolate and then place back on the baking sheet.

once done dipping all your banana sandwiches place in the refrigerate for an hour or longer and let set..and then enjoy.

My Top Choices for Concealer

Hello everyone how are  you doing? I hope your doing wonderful! I was asked to share my Favorite concealers so I am going to do just that share my thoughts on my favorite concealers

My Top to most favorite go to concealers are Sheercover Duo concealer in light medium...and second favorite one is not really a concealer but I use it as a concealer and it's some kind -a gorgeous the foundation faker..I love both of these for the simple fact that I can put no other makeup on with both of these and feel fine waking out the do. the blend great and cover my dark circles great. Both are light weight and don't crease and are creamy smooth. Did I mention they last all day with out any problems.

Here a few others that I really enjoy but don't grab for them to often unless I have had little to no sleep and I just need some coverage and brightening of my under eye area .Maybelline instant age rewind dark circle eraser. it as a lite pink tint to it that help at light and a soft dewy look to your under eyes. and then I have both the Physcians Formula youth wear concealers.which are awesome.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rescue Pastilles Natural Stress Relief!!!


  Alright so we have all felt this way at one time or another. And I am sure we all have our own way of trying to get ride of just daily stress. For me that is not easy as I have an stress disorder (which to be honest I believe more then half the people in the world do.) and I know I have a hard time some time just sitting back and getting a grip on life....(NO I am not CRAZY, or am I). with four kids and a very hard working husband a home to keep up with, life some time feels like it is just getting out of hand. My kids some times make me feel as tho I have not control of my home. as so what ever I am trying to get done will never get done. Then add on top of all my daily need my want to do my social networking and well that could be just a disaster lol...I have a few thing that I do to help me with stress and wanted to share them with everyone..I know there plenty of blogs on how to manage stress but I wanted to share what I do...

So as I mentioned about my life can get out of control and trust me I am not perfect in any way...but I am perfect for this family! so here are a few things I do...I always keep on hand some Chamomile tea, so I can have a cup at any point of the day to just relax me... I keep a lotion on hand that I can put on my hands and give my self a a little hand massage which work to relax me as well and just recently I went to CVS and purchase the Bosh Rescue Pastilles Natural  Stress Relief Chewy Lozenge. I love these so much I have  been using them now for two weeks and will be going to get more. tho they don't take all the stress a what they do do is help me feel calmer in what ever situation I may be in. I really like that they are homeopathic, and are none habit forming. I would recommend tying this product for sure if you are like me and seem to feel stressed often. back to other things I do to help with stress. I use Bath and Body works Aromatherapy Stress relief in Chamomile Lavender, that I use when I take a bath. Or to be honest any brand that can help with stress that you can add to the bath or shower is amazing.. There is time when I will walk into my room and just sit so I get a moment to think with out kids screaming and yelling asking for what ever it is they may need. I know you may be thinking ok so thanks for telling me this I already know this..I really just wanted to share what I do...and see if it help others with handling there stress.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Having the Organizing Blues.......

Hey everyone I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about all of you.....My kids have gotten sick and then well again and then sick again....I go through it every year as I imagine most parents do with the weather changing and all.....But I also have had a bit of the blues when it come to how to organize my bathroom and my kitchen.....
  See me and my husband want to get some Item for the kitchen to cut down the cost of food buying.( which I will go into on another post.) But the Items we want to get are bigger and our kitchen is not that big. I all ready have a portable dishwasher and a water cooler thing and and a deep freeze which takes up a lot of room....but I want and need these other Item add to our kitchen so the cost of food can be cut down. a family of 6 is not easy to shop for nor cheap. I do some couponing for food but not much as our family has many Item we can have. and most coupons are for those Items. Any ways...I will post some photos of my kitchen in a little bit and may be all you wonderful readers can help me out....As for the bathroom I am still looking for certain thing to make it the way I want it....being a bargain shopper I am looking at Savers and other discount shops...I just have not found what I am looking for yet....I have the design all lay our and drawn once I find what I am looking for I will post on that....

I have another Question is any one intersted in blogs on comsetic reviews and also Blogs on family subjects?
Please let me know it the comments below what you would like me to blog on and I will work on getting those up. thanks for taking time to read this blog I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to Help your Kids keep there room nice and clean!!!

Clean Up Clean Up Everyone Every Where Clean UP Everyone......Blah Blah Blah....I was getting sick of singing that song and nothing coming of it....I have four amazing kids one which is not old enough to crawl none the less clean up, But my other three have hit the age of I don't want to clean up anything...I tried it all positive reinforcement charts, time outs to taking things away. to sitting in there room helping them. Which by the way ended up just being me cleaning. I was getting sick of it. we went as far as setting up a Dog fund that they would be able to put money into and get a DOG with if they clean up there room with out fighting and well lets just say that between the three they made a whole $3 bucks the deal was we would give them each $.50 for ever night there room was clean and we didn't have to fight with them. And Still nothing. Then one night after finish up my house hold stuff....It HIT me like a brick wall, if I as a adult like thing to have a home then the kids must want the same thing. so I started thinking. the Dresser in there room isn't being used other than the top two Drawers (had to take all clothing out of the dresser was sick of the girls playing dress up and or just throwing the clothing out of them.) I had a great place to have them put the toys they play with most often. So I went to work labeling them...
Will be making nicer labels wanted to see if it would work first!
 To my Supirse my 4 year old got excited to see me put labels on there dresser she asked, "What do they say?" I just sad Blocks which was the fist one I put on. she got so excited she started to throw the blocks in the drawer. when she was a little over half way done gathering all her blocks, In comes my six year old son and wants to know what is going on. I told him I am putting labels on your dresser drawers so you can have a place for your stuff and it will be easier than digging in the toy been to look for them. He reads out loud the second label saying cars and goes crazy pick up his cares and trains and planes and such. So in his Drawer we have is cars trains planes and all thing that go with them such as tracks. ( have yet to hear mom can you find this or that toy,) above the I labeled the girls real dress up stuff and at this point my oldest comes in see's the fun and helps out to. I keep the last label hidden as I had the other ones until the toys form the one befor was done....I now have all my kids excited to see what is next. when I show them the book Label they all went crazy and were so excited to have a place for there books other than under the bed in a box. Once that was done we moved on to the two purple big toy bins. I told them any extra toys that don't have a spot go here which wasn't much.

So as you see in the to photos above they have two redish pink toy bins which have all there extra toys they don't play with as often but do play with. Also my girls favorite grocery cart and Dora play house. ( the cool mist humidifier is normally not there. (my three year old had the croup at the time) and everything is nice and put away. They have been doing amazing at keep there room nice. so proud of them and I don't have to do the Dog fund any more. Cause daddy and I told them that we will look for one and when we find one we will be getting one. Any ways this is how I have gotten my kids to keep there room nice and with out any type of extra anything....cause they get so excited when they do there room now.

The next two photos just show the rest of my kids room and how I have it set up.
There closet is pretty much not useable at this point as the neighbor above us a/c keep leaking. so for now till it fixed nothing can be put in soon as Management and there staff can get it fixed we will be using it to store other Items. I hope this was helpful!!!