Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Somnic natural sleep aid.

I want to start by saying I was sent thing for free for my 100% honest opinion and that is all you will ever get from me.
 Somnic is a all natural  sleep aid with premium blend of proven & natural ingredients including: Melatonin, Gaba, L-Tryptophan, and Vitamin B-6 which help you fall asleep easier and wake up feeling ready to go! ( this is straight from there site) With that being said. I was hoping it would work for me as I have a horrible time sleeping. and regular malatonin doesn't work for me so  I figured the rest of the awesome ingredient would help me. Now on it's own it does helps some but I still have to have a cup of my strong tea to help me sleep through the night.
  Now it didn't work for me. but it has helped my son and my mother-in-law sleep soundly and feel wonderful in the morning. My mother in law said the first night taking it. "it's the best night sleep I have had in years, I feel so rested and ready for the day!" so it does work I am just an odd ball lol. Please check out the link below and check out Amazon to get your bottle to try.

Adeline Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Organic eye serum.

Let's talk about to more amazing products from Adeline. I will start by saying I was sent these products free for my 100% honest review. And as always you will get my 100% honest thoughts. So let's get things going.

Adeline Hyaluronic Acid Serum. My thoughts, my thoughts? I love this Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I can feel my skin being moisturized and plumped. Which helps with the apperance of my fine lines, and the application of makeup. I have had people ask what I am using to help bring back the youthfulness, and brightness of my skin. and I really feel that Adeline Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a  big part of my skin looking so great. 
 Lets talk about a few of the ingredients in Adeline hyaluronic serum, Can we say vitamins A,C,D,E. Yes that's right all 4 are in this serum, Great vitamins to ad in the repairing of your skin.Witch Hazel Aloe is also part of this amazing serum to help in keeping the skin calm and help in the shrinking of pores and fine line. and of course Hyaluronic Acid which help in plumping and reducing the signs of fine lines, brighten and moisturize. All these amazing ingredients and more in this awesome serum.
Packaging I love the packaging, I am a big fan of having packaging that looking high end for a budget friendly price. I really in joy that it has a pump so you always get the right amount. two pumps is all you need to cover your face, neck and chest area. The watery gel consistency feels so refreshing and absorbs so quickly into the skin
   I truly enjoy the feel of this organic eye serum, on my skin. It goes on smooth without any sticky feeling. My eyes feel so refreshed after a long day, and ready to go when used in the morning. You feel a light tingle or cool feeling as it helps to repair the skin around your eyes. I have notice my eyes don't look so tired anymore and they look brighter as well. I have been enjoying the Adeline organic eye serum very much. I would suggest this product to anyone wanting to help repair the eye area and help it look brighter, refreshed and more youthful.
Please check out Amazon to try it out. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Natural ways to help with Sever Combination ADHD and a (Unclassified) Mood Disorder!

Hello! and welcome back to another ramble of sorts. I want to talk about essential oils/ aroma therapy. How they help my son with sever combination ADHD and (unclassified) mood disorder.
I started looking into this about two or three years ago. My son has horrible ADHD along with a mood disorder. We tried many different medication all made him worse. Now let me talk a little about his behavior so you all have an idea of what I am talking about.
So let start with is 6 birthday a close friend of ours asked if she could give him her Wii system and some sports games. I really didn't want a game system in the house but being most kids have some sort of game system I said ok. Oh my gosh did this ever start the ball rolling on a down slide.  My son is a very emotional kid, his feelings are hurt very easily and fast. I keep close watch on him as far as what he watched on tv do to the fact that some show with to much fighting cause him to be excitable. This in turn tho he is a boy and play fighting is very normal would have him do more than that and have no sensor to the fact that he had truly hurt some one. tho it was in fun and not meant in a violent way. Some one would be crying and he would tell them to stop faking your not hurt your a baby. Mind you my son would cry very easily even at the tap of the head. Any ways. so I pulled many fighting shows form his view. and we also had to take the game system away as he was, acting out more. trying to hurt his sisters and saying he was going to hurt himself as well as my husband and I. He would try smashing his sisters under bed matters and hitting them. and other things. he would tie things around his neck to where it would hurt then let go. he would scratch him self with his nails till he bleed., while screaming at the top of his lung. " Mom I want to bash your head into a ll wall till you bleed to death, or Mom I wish we lived by a volcano so I could push you into the lava and watch you scream and burn till you die!" This was heart breaking and hard, to coupe with. there were many night I went to bed crying. and nights I stayed up trying to figure out how to help my little boy. and what was wrong with me and where had we gone wrong... Oddly he never acted up as school. Which was wonderful but left me feeling confused even more. "What is wrong with me? What did I do wrong? Should I even be a mother?" The list of doubts get bigger and bigger.
My relationship with my son very distant as I tried fighting my own anxiety, and depression! One can only handle so much hateful talk, before pushing and way.
After many talks with my husband and doctors, Medication had failed him, and I wanted so much for him to have the life of love and joy. So I started looking into oils and other things as well. My son had a hard time falling a sleep which in turn had horrible after math for everyone in the house. they tried several medication to help his sleep none which worked either.
I was done with doctors and medication. I wanted to help him with natural and personal healing.
I read so much on ADHD and mood disorders, and still not happy with most of what I read. I turned to my self to help my son.
I started by removing red dye all red dye from his diet. and oh my that made a world of difference. I took all fighting shows away for 3 months. and cleansed his system of that. again oh the change was amazing. we bought malitonen, Valerian root and  different types of night teas. this again helped so much( I have a video up explaining how and what order all this was used in.) I started to read on essential oils and the benefits of them. I started with Lavender and then peppermint oil, oh the world had changed as we knew it. I added a few drops to my wax burner everyday and the mood of the whole house has changed. (yes I know I was using them wrong) but it did make a change.
Since three years a go I have added in many other oils and they have helped with so much. My son still is very limited to what he can play and watch, but slowly he is able to watch more and handle it.
If you have a child with ADHD I highly suggest trying some of the above and you to will see a major change in your child. along with those changes I changed how I looked at things. I went from upset and hurt to trying to see things in his eyes more.
Our relationship is closer than ever.and I could be more happy about that. I know this post it all over the place but I do hope it does help some of you. who feel alone in this fight your not. you just have to find what works best to your child and your family.
Links to Items I use will be listed below. (must are from amazon) I am a affiliate  of amazon. With that being side I want to mention some of these Items were setn for me to review at a discount rate or free for my 100% honest review. I offer nothing but honesty as it reflects on me and my family. and I have repurchased these Items I have reviewed,sine. I would love if you used my links but of course you don't have to. Just remember to find what works best for you and your family.
Natural sleep aids (please speak to your doctor first, before giving your child any medication natural or not.)
This first one I have on hand for my other kids : they don't take it often but when I can tell they are very stressed or uneasy I will give them one to help htem get a great nights rest.
This one here is a 5mg which my son takes two of to help him sleep, yes I have spoken to my sons doctor and he fine with it.
Valerian root which I alternat with the melatonin
Teas we use, not only to help with sleep but with stress, remember out kids stress just as easy as we adults do if not more, they are still learning about life. I also drink these teas as well to help with my anxiety. and to help me sleep.
Yogi Kava stress relief tea I buy mine in a 6 pack and each pack has 16 tea bags.
Yogi honey lavender tea I also buy this in a 5 pack which each pack contains 16 bags.
I suggest getting a box of the Kava tea and honey lavender tea and trying them out. you can find both at walmart or your local grocery store. I buy mine from amazon because I can get more for less.
Essential oils I have in my home at all times, ( get ready for this it a list and half lol)
Essential Oil Blends for Aromatherapy - Best 6 blend set 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Four Thieves, Stress Free, Rest & Relax, Breathe Easy, Pure Healing, Happy Citrus, Gift Set - 6/10 ml
This here I just received for review two weeks ago and had made it to my list to reorder and keep in stock in my home. I add these oils to my oil deffuser necklace. my kids baths and more. just amazing love this company. There oils are pre-blended to perfection.
Pure lavender oil best one in my opinion ( that I have tried so far.)
Peppermint oil I use at the moment. and am enjoying. really helps with my headaches that I get. this one is going almost all the time in my oil burner.
Frankincense this one here I add to my shampoo to help with stress relief and my headaches as well.
All of these products I have mentioned above are products I use and love on a daily bases please feel free to ask any question or leave me a comment on your thoughts.
I also wanted to mention the my oldest has Down Syndrome and is going through the changes and they have been helping her a ton as well.
Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my blog post.
Below are a few photos of the product I mentioned above!