Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Art Naturals Products Review!

Hello everyone how are you? I hope your all doing wonderful. So this bog will be about a verity of products form Art Naturals. ( I reviewed this product at a discounted rate or free to review.) So let jump into this.
The first product I received was a Vitamin C age defying serum, which has the following in it.
 20% vitamin C
Amino acid blend 
Hyaluronic acid
Vitamin E,
ferulic acid.

 Ok now that I broke down the ingredients let get into what I thought of it. I was so excited to try Art Naturals Vitamin C Serum. I washed my face right away…I applied the vitamin C serum and let it set for a moment. Before applying the rest of my facial product. Oh my let me tell you I felt a nice tightening effect from it no over tight just right. I went to bed after finishing my facial cleansing routine. The next morning I woke up still with a light tightening feeling to my face and my face feeling very soft. I have been using the serum now for about three weeks and can honestly say that the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles have become much small and less visual. I look forward to using this product more and seeing my skin and all it again glory get better and smoother. I would recommend this vitamin c serum for anyone look to prevent aging or who already has aging starting to show.Vitamin C Serum

This next product is the Art Naturals pro eye gel. Which has the following in it
Plant stem cells
Vitamin E
Hyaluronic acid
Amino acids
 This comes in a pump style container which is great you get just the right amount for your eyes.. you pat this sound your eyes and let dry. I don’t feel a tightening feeling when using this eye gel I have noticed my crow’s feet are not as noticeable as before. The cooling feeling and the hydration that the pro eye gel provides is amazing. But not oily hydration a nice silk hydration that last all day. I do wash my face at night full routine and I do a have routine in the morning just so I don’t lose all of my own natural oils. I have such dry skin I don’t need to be flaking everywhere. Any ways with that being side and off track I know. I really feel that any skin type could use this eye gel. To help with the prevention of aging or the already aging signs you may have.Pro eye gel

Alright Lets move right along the next to product I picked to review, was the Art Naturals Organic argon oil shampoo and the mask. I really need something to help my hair look healthy again, I dyed my hair lavender about 8 months ago, and as great as it looked and I loved it, I couldn’t keep the color from fading to pink. So I dyed my hair back to a dark brown. And ever since I did that my hair has been so dry. I have been using the L’OrĂ©al age rewind shampoo conditioner and mask since then and it has help but to as much as I had hoped it would.

Ok ok I know your all going get on with is so I will.  I wanted to try Art Naturals argon oil shampoo and mask because they also have Jojoba oil, and Keratin protein, all of which I know can help your hair become healthier or keep it healthy…I received the mask two days before the shampoo (didn’t see the shampoo as an option when I ordered the mask) and went and washed my hair right away. A little goes a long ways. The mask is a thick mask. So take a little at a time and start from the front of your head work a round to the bottom of your head. Then smooth through the rest of your hair. Brush it through and let it sit, for 3 to 5 minutes and rise. Make sure to rise well or your hair will look oily.
Oh mother of hair, my hair has never felt so soft and easy to brush through. I love what it has done to my hair so much that I have started using it on my daughters. They all love having soft hair and less tangles a win win in my book. I you have horrible dry hair or just looking for something to help keep you hair looking great, I would so recommend these two paired together.Argan oil shampoo  Argan oil mask

Ok so now to some other beauty related Art Naturals products. I picked out a peppermint oil, I have read how it can help with migraines and with breathing. I myself get horrible migraines and the 4 out of the 6 in our family have breathing problems of some sort. So excited to be able to try it a discounted rate I grabbed it up. So far I have put a few drops in some shampoo to help my youngest daughter with her cradle cap (baby dandruff) and it working awesome. I need to get an infuser for my house before I can see the effect it has on mood and such. For my migraines I add a small bit with coconut oil and message it on my forehead. Though I found out that may not be the bus way to do it. But it does work for me. I really can’t wait to see what all I can do with it. But it smells amazing and is 100% pure virgin distilled peppermint oil, from Greece.  Who doesn’t love the idea of Greece we may not be able to go but we have some great quality peppermint oil form there.100% Pure Greece Peppermint oil

Last but for sure not the least is the Art Naturals Anti Cellulite massage brush! Now I grab this one up to review because well if you could see the back of my leg which is a crater of cellulite spider veins and varicose veins you would run for the hill, hide and cry!  After having 4 kids my legs look horrible no matter how much walking or workouts I do they just look like crap. I have been using this now a week. Every day three times a day.  I feel my skin feeling softer and smoother, tho not really noticing my cellulite going away. Though as a disclaimer they do say to use it with an anti-cellulite oil or cream. Which I don’t have. I have been using some coconut oil and a drop of peppermint oil and using the message device, till all oils are soaked in. though I don’t see a differences in the cellulite on my legs, I do see a massive difference in my spider veins and verrucous veins, which to be honest I love, that half the battle right. I plan on getting the anti-cellulite cream oil to go with it and see if that make a difference as well. I will update later if I see a major improvement but what it’s doing now for me is amazing and I and I am so happy to see those areas getting lighter and less noticeable. Anti-Cellulite Message brush

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#Target voxbox #TryDry Dove spray deodorant #Influenster Review

Hey everyone how are you all doing I hope well. So do any of you have this problem sticky yuck arm put goo sticking to your shirts or just looking clumpy with a sleeveless shirt? That right I am talking about deodorant
and all the lovely things that come with it. you apply it light you apply it normal or you just don't apply it at all cause of the stupid film and clumps that most give you.
 Well I was sent this awesome # Target Voxbox  #TryDry #Dove Dry Spray antiperspirant complimentary to try for my honest review. I have to say when I first got it I was like yeah ok if some deodorant can't stop the smells for some people, How in the world is a spray one going to, and for 48 hours as it says on the package??? So I went and took a shower and applied this "spray antiperspirant" and went to bed.
     MOM MOM MOM!!!!!! My son yells Skyler's bus will be here in 15 mins!!! HOLY CRAP, WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!  my son repeats himself, and run to get things ready for my oldest with down syndrome.
  I got her on the bus just fine if anyone was wondering and go and take my other kids to their bus. why am I telling you all this? Cause I forget to put on antiperspirant that morning with all the rushing around I was doing. 1:30 come around and I am like oh dam I forgot to put deodorant on ugh. go to check and see how bad my shirt looks form cleaning house and chasing after my youngest..and ready for it ready for it....I was dry and fresh as a daisy. I tested it out the next day and it last no problem. I love this spray antiperspirant...I will continue to buy it. My husband loves the one he was sent to try as well. keep us both dry and smelling wonderful with out all the mess. My husband has no more irritation that most antiperspirants give him. This is a great product for any one to try.